EU Travel Rights - Bus and Coach Passenger Rights

The new rights applicable to long distance services (i.e. of more than 250 km) include amongst others:

  • adequate assistance (snacks, meals and refreshments as well as, if necessary, up to two nights' hotel accommodation, for a total amount of €80 per night, except in case of severe weather conditions and major natural disasters) in situations of cancellation or following a delay of more than 90 minutes in the case of a journey of more than three hours,
  • guarantee of reimbursement or rerouting in situations of overbooking or in case of cancellation or following a delay of more than 120 minutes from the estimated time of departure,
  • compensation of 50% of the ticket price following more than 120 minutes' delay from the estimated time of departure, cancellation of a journey and if the carrier fails to offer the passenger either rerouting or reimbursement.
  • Information when the service is cancelled or delayed in departure.
  • protection of passengers in case of death, injury, loss or damage caused by road accidents, particularly with regard to immediate practical needs in case of accident (including up to two nights' hotel accommodation, for a total amount of €80 per night),
  • specific assistance free of charge for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility both at terminals and on board, and, where necessary, transport free of charge for accompanying people,{adselite}

Additionally, the following rights will be applicable to all services (including those below 250 km):

  • non-discrimination with respect to tariffs and contract conditions for passengers based - directly or indirectly – on nationality,
  • non-discriminatory treatment of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility as well financial compensation for loss or damage of their mobility equipment in case of accident,
  • minimum rules on travel information for all passengers before and during their journey as well as general information about their rights in terminals and online; where feasible, this information shall be provided in accessible formats upon request precisely in the interest of the persons with reduced mobility,
  • a complaint handling mechanism by carriers available to all passengers,
  • independent national bodies in each Member State with the mandate to enforce the Regulation and where appropriate to impose penalties.

The EU rules oblige Member States to designate "national enforcement bodies", whose role is to verify that transport operators are treating all passengers in accordance with their rights. Passengers who believe that they have not been treated correctly should contact

  • the national enforcement body of the Member State from which the service departed, or 
  • in case of services departing from third countries the national enforcement body in the Member State of the bus terminal or bus stop of arrival

National Enforcement Bodies pdf - 225 KB according to Regulation (EU) No 181/2011 concerning the rights of passengers in bus and coach transport. List of bus terminals pdf - 504 KB designated by the Member States where disabled persons and people with reduced mobility can receive appropriate assistance.

How to Complain

Source: European Commission